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Leaf Removing

leaf removal service

Are you tired of spending your weekends raking bag after bag of leaves? David Home Improvement now offers turn-key leaf removal services in Virginia. Now, you will be able to enjoy your weekends again!

Our Virginia leaf removal service first blows the leaves off your lawn into piles on your street. Once we have cleared your entire yard of leaves, we come back through and vacuum every last leaf from the street. We leave your yard and street free of all leaves.

Our leaf removal service is just one of the many lawn care maintenance services our company offers.

Contact us today to remove leaves from your yard and/or deliver and spread mulch, pinestraw, top soil, or sand.

virginia leaf removal service

Why is Leaf Removal important

First of all, when exposed to the wet and cold, leaves grow moldy, which can damage nearby plants and even potentially affect the health of your family.

Second, a blanket of leaves on your lawn prevents grass from getting the sun, air and water they need to thrive. Even during the winter months, these factors are essential — taking the time to clean up leaves will lead to a greener, lusher lawn when the warmer weather returns.

Finally, fall is the easiest time to remove leaves from your property. A small investment of time now saves you a considerable effort later. Our team will work quickly and complete the job with a minimal amount of disruption, leaving your property ready for the colder temperatures.

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